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The Group of Companies «KVU» has founded in May 2012, when on the market «KVU» company appeared. From the very beginning our work main task was creating alternative proposals in all segments of the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

For 3 years we have become the largest independent trader in the domestic coal market. The total volume supply for 2012-2014 amounted to more than 5 million tons of coal of various brands to consumers of 67 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Years of experience and reliable business reputation of senior management in the process of cooperation with the leading participants of the market of solid fuel promoted successful development of our group of companies.

Delivering fuel assortment includes both run-of-min coal and all the range of sized grade brown and steem coal from the enterprises of Kuzbass, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Irkutsk Region, Zabaykalsk Territory and Amur Region.

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«Comfortable conditions of partnership» — the rule which really works. We care of our Partners and Clients. .

Each of our company within the Group of Companies KVU concentrates on a specific segment of the market of solid fuel.

KVU is a supplier of solid fuels for the needs of consumers of China, Korea, Japan, Turkey.

Our main clients are energy systems, industry and consumers of public utility sector.

We are constantly developing and responding quickly to market changes and customer needs. We always seek to expand our opportunities by mutually beneficial cooperation with Partners..

All coal-mines partners have documents certifying the quality of products (certificate (declaration) the relevant TC and others.). We perform constant monitorin the quality of steam coal supplied implementing of extended quality certificates by independent quality inspections such as SGS, Inspectorate and othes.